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Cecil Co., Maryland
Above: Proud winner of the Fungus of the Day award - Turkey Point, Cecil Co., Maryland (9/23/2007). Thanks to Paul Noell for ID help: Sulphur Shelf (Laetiporus sulphureus) - considered by most to be a good edible, though some people have an allergic reaction. Below: An Amanita mushroom that clearly either kills you or grants magic powers. Thanks again to Paul Noell, who ID'd this as Amanita flavorubescens.
A younger Sulphur Shelf, this one found on Dans Mountain, Allegany Co., Maryland (6/14/2009).
Below: OK, this is the strangest fungus I've seen yet. Tom Feild spotted this stinkhorn mushroom, which has common names as varied as Elegant Stinkhorn and Devil's Dipstick. It's scientific name is Mutinus elegans. Note the flies that have been attracted to its slimy tip and powerful odor. As payment, the flies will unwittingly disperse the stinkhorn's spores.