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More Pacific Northwest Fun. Last updated: 1/18/2006

Above and below: Beautiful sights near Mount Rainier, Washington (1/16/2006).

Below: Varied Thrush at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, Washington (1/16/2006).
This was one of at least 18 I saw in the park this rainy afternoon.

Below three: Woodland scenes near Lake Oswego, Oregon (1/15/2006).

Below: Biodiversity--how many species thrive on this 3-inch branch?

Below: Douglas's Squirrel near Flaming Geyser SP, Washington (1/16/2006). At dusk, a Western Screech-owl began calling nearby, the first I'd ever heard. Within just moments, a strange growl-like noise came from the tree just in front of me. (Always fun while alone in the woods at night.) I was certain an owl must have landed right before me - at least until I heard a distinctly mammal-like chatter. The source was this less-than-amused squirrel, also a first sighting for me.

Below: Ernie the Pug, co-guardian of the Zeiber Family. Lake Oswego, Oregon (1/15/2006).

Below three: Shameless cheating at the Seattle Aquarium. A Long-billed Curlew warming itself below a heat lamp in an aviary. A beautiful Wolf-eel (more info), an impressive resident of Puget Sound that can grow to 8' in length. A River Otter catching z's after hours of play.

Below remainder: Random gull shots in Seattle (1/13/2006). The high rate of hybridization here makes it hard to swear by a Glaucous-winged Gull's genetic purity.

Some new birds for the trip: WESTERN SCREECH-OWL (WA), Western Scrub-Jay (OR), Steller's Jay (OR), TOWNSEND'S WARBLER (OR).

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