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Dorchester Co., Maryland. Last updated: 2/4/2006

Above: Ruff (left) in Dorchester Co., Maryland. (2/4/2006)

Above: Male Ring-necked Pheasant in Dorchester Co., Maryland. (2/4/2006)

Above: Play from home! Can you find the Ross's Goose? How about below?
Hints: Think small size, short triangular bill (with no "grin patch"), short neck, and rounded head (1/29/2006).

Below three: Three American White Pelicans in the distance at Blackwater NWR, Maryland (1/29/2006).

Below: A Great Blue Heron with an enormous catch!

Below: Adult Bald Eagle in southern Dorchester Co., Maryland (1/29/2006).

Featured Conservation Project: The Junín Grebe

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