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Late fall on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Last updated: 11/12/2006

Above: A Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow in Worcester Co., Maryland (11/12/2006).

Above: An interior Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow (probable James Bay race) in Worcester Co., Maryland (11/12/2006).

Above: An immature Red-tailed Hawk in Kent Co., Maryland (11/10/2006).

Above and below three: A Brown Thrasher in West Ocean City, Worcester Co., Maryland (11/11/2006).

Below: A female Eastern Towhee in West Ocean City (11/11/2006).

Below: An Eastern Bluebird in Kent Co., Maryland (11/10/2006).

Below: A morning seawatch on Assateague produced sightings of 2 distant Parasitic Jaegers and all 3 scoter species (11/12/2006).

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