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February in Maryland. Last updated: 2/10/2008.

Above and below: Adult Bald Eagles in Dorchester Co., Maryland (2/10/2008).

Below two: A drake Lesser Scaup along the Cambridge waterfront: note his head shape, thin nail (tip of bill), and the traditionally cited purple gloss on the head. However, note that gloss color (green=Greater, purple=Lesser) is not considered a reliable field mark on its own.

Below two: A drake Canvasback along the Cambridge waterfront (2/10/2008).

Below: A Horned Lark sings exuberantly, horns raised, along an Egypt Road field (Dorchester Co., Maryland, 2/10/2008).

Below: Unlike the Horned Lark, this Savannah Sparrow is not singing. It's yawning as it tries to warm in the morning sun (Dorchester Co., Maryland, 2/10/2008).

Below: A Mute Swan at Great Marsh Park in Cambridge, Maryland (2/10/2008).

Below: A drake Long-tailed Duck on the Choptank River (2/10/2008).

Below: A drake American Wigeon along the Cambridge waterfront (Dorchester Co., Maryland, 2/10/2008).

Below: Here's an interesting quiz. For the next two images, hover your cursor over the image to see what species are tipped up.
(You might need to take the cursor off the image and move it back over the image.)

An easy one. A drake Northern Pintail

A drake Northern Shoveler on the left, a hen Northern Pintail on the right

Below six: Northern Shovelers foraging at Blackwater NWR (Dorchester Co., Maryland, 2/10/2008).

Below: A drake Mallard practically glows in the morning light (Dorchester Co., Maryland, 2/10/2008).

Below: A first-winter Ring-billed Gull has a morning drink along the Choptank River (Dorchester Co., Maryland, 2/10/2008).

Below: A Bald Eagle on its huge nest in Dorchester Co., Maryland (2/10/2008).

Below: An immature Bald Eagle soars over Blackwater NWR (Dorchester Co., Maryland, 2/10/2008).

Below: A Rusty Blackbird forages in an open area in Harford Co., Maryland (2/3/2008).

Below: Hey! Look, a baby one! A Richardson's Cackling Goose in flight over Swan Harbor, Harford Co., Maryland (2/3/2008).

Below two: White-throated Sparrows in my yard in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (2/9/2008). In fact, all of the remaining birds were photographed in our yard.

Below: Disposition aside, when you see a starling in just the right light...

Below: Introducing "White-face," our yard's celebrity goldfinch. White-face, meet the Internet.

Below: A more traditional goldfinch, an acquaintance of old White-face.

Below: Male and female Brown-headed Cowbirds, two of the many blackbirds eating us out of house and home.

Below: A male House Finch poses for a portrait.

Below: I love the interesting Red-winged Blackbird plumages at this time of year.

Below: A Rock Pigeon feeds with gusto.

Below: A Carolina Chickadee on a sunflower seed run.

Below: Our Carolina Wren works its thorough route around the yard. It must be time to check the log for any sign of insect life. Interestingly, with temperatures around 35-40 degrees this morning, there were ants very slowly gathering sugar from the hummingbird feeder.

Below: A female Northern Cardinal with a chipped bill and molting head feathers. Time for an extreme makeover.

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