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A Western Meadowlark near Hurlock, Dorchester Co., Maryland. Found during an August Big Day by Jim Brighton, Ron Gutberlet, Mikey Lutmerding, and me. Last updated: 8/31/2008.

Above and below: A Western Meadowlark in Maryland. The bird was found in a sod field south of Hurlock, Dorchester Co., Maryland in the late afternoon of August 31, 2008. It was identified by diagnostic "chuck" calls, which are audible in Mikey Lutmerding's video of the bird. There is currently one accepted record of this species for Maryland (M. O'Brien, P. O'Brien, et al., Frederick Co., 1/26/1992). At least one additional sighting did not permit confirmation of identity by call note (Ellison et al., Allegany Co., 6/10/2006). These are the first photos and video of the species in Maryland. Click any image to view the full-size, unedited image. Unfortunately, I had to really push the exposure, as we were shooting nearly directly into the sun.

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