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My neighborhood in Maryland and a few shots from the World Series of Birding, Cape May, New Jersey. Last updated: 5/16/2007.

Above and below: A Canada Goose gosling braves a monumental leap to follow its parents, Pasadena area, Maryland (5/16/2007). Weeeeeeeee!

Below: A less attractive close-up of its protective parent.

Below four: A pair of Common Terns bonding at the Coast Guard ponds in Cape May, New Jersey (5/11/2007).

Below: A Common Grackle in my backyard near Fort Smallwood, Maryland (5/16/2007).

Below: An Eastern Kingbird feasting on a tiger beetle (Genus Cicindela) at Fort Smallwood Park, Maryland (4/29/2007). Thanks to Gene Scarpulla for help with the insect ID.

Below: A Veery at Weinberg Park in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (5/6/2007).

Below: A Pink Lady's Slipper in Weinberg Park, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (5/6/2007).

Below: With feathers like this, one can safely assume we're viewing a recently fledged House Finch, my yard near Pasadena, Maryland (5/16/2007).

Below: A beautiful Marbled Godwit at Nummy Island, New Jersey (5/10/2007). Too bad the cruel bird wasn't where I told it to be during the World Series.

Below: Another uncooperative species found in scouting for the Series, but nowhere to be found on the big day, Cattle Egret. This bird is in high breeding plumage in Cape May Co., New Jersey (5/10/2007).

Below: A Clapper Rail bathes in a canal at dusk at Jake's Landing, New Jersey (5/10/2007).

Below: One of the celebrity Snow Geese that hangs out at the zoo pond in Cape May Co. (5/10/2007).

Below: One must be very careful visiting the Snow Goose, however, as it keep very dangerous company. I personally barely made it out alive.

Below: Nummy Island's famous Peregrine finally smiled upon the MOS Yellowthroats, hiding just poorly enough to be detected on the open marsh by teammate Zach Baer (5/10/2007). (This shot was taken during scouting.)

Below: In case you ever wondered what Captain Matt Hafner looks like after finding a resting Roseate Tern during the World Series of Birding.

Below: OK, I hate to post bad photos, but it is a Roseate Tern after all - fourth from right, in foreground, The Meadows, Cape May Co., NJ (5/12/2007). The scope views of this beautiful species were phenomenal--too bad I didn't bring the 600mm lens.

Below: A male Northern Cardinal in my yard near Fort Smallwood, Maryland (5/16/2007).

Below: A Blue Jay posing in my yard near Fort Smallwood, Maryland (5/16/2007).

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