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Western Maryland on the last weekend in September. Last updated: 10/1/2007.

Above and below: A confiding Lincoln's Sparrow perches in the dawn fog in Allegany Co., Maryland (9/30/2007).

Below two: This Virginia Rail allowed a rare extended study as it foraged at dusk in Garrett Co., Maryland (9/29/2007).

Below five: Black-capped Chickadees in Garrett and Allegany Counties, Maryland (9/29/2007).

Below: A migrant Blue-headed Vireo in Allegany Co., Maryland (9/30/2007).

Below: A male Downy Woodpecker poses amidst fall foliage in Allegany Co., Maryland (9/30/2007).

Below: One of three Sleepy Oranges we found in western Washington Co., Maryland (9/30/2007).

Below: A migrant Eastern Phoebe perches between flycatching in Allegany Co., Maryland (9/30/2007).

Below: A migrant Sanderling at Triadelphia Reservoir, Maryland (9/29/2007).

Below: The moon hangs incognito over western Maryland.

Below: Point Lookout in Green Ridge State Forest, Maryland (though most of the scene is West Virginia).

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