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December in Maryland. Last updated: 12/14/2008.

Above and below five: A Virginia Rail wintering in Calvert Co., Maryland (12/14/2008).

Below three: A female Long-tailed Duck on the Chesapeake Bay, Calvert Co., Maryland (12/14/2008).

Below: An unusual shot of a Northern Mockingbird in Somerset Co., Maryland (12/5/2008).

Below two: An American Bittern in the marshes of southern Dorchester Co., Maryland (11/30/2008).

Below three: Further evidence that if you're not sure it's a Ross's Goose, it probably isn't. This tiny juvenile Ross's Goose was one of two found among several thousand Snow Geese in Hurlock, Maryland (11/29/2008).

Below: The Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and my camera align in a complex dance of reflecting and capturing light (12/1/2008). The next show is scheduled for November 18, 2052.

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