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Eastern Shore of Maryland. Last updated: 2/25/2007.

Above and below eight: A subadult Thick-billed Murre in Ocean City, Maryland (2/23/2007).

We have lift-off...

Coming in for a landing...

Below two: A Horned Grebe portrait shows some seldom-observed details, especially of the eye (2/23/2007).

Below: A Red-necked Grebe was a pleasant surprise near the original Thick-billed Murre spot (2/24/2007). Winter (basic) plumage.

Below: A nice comparison of a Horned Grebe and a Red-necked Grebe (2/24/2007).

Below: Second-winter Iceland Gull (2nd from left) with Herring Gulls on the jetty at the Ocean City Inlet, Maryland (2/23/2007).

Below: A first-winter Glaucous Gull at the Salisbury Landfill, Maryland (2/24/2007).

Below: A non-breeding adult Herring Gull at the Salisbury Landfill (2/24/2007).

Below: A Harbor Seal warms up in the morning sun as a flock of Brant lift off. Near Skimmer Island, Maryland (2/24/2007). I've only seen Harbor Seals in Maryland three times, and very interestingly, my first was at this location exactly one year before this date! We also had several at the Ocean City Inlet about a week later last year. A check of previous reports shows spotty sightings in the Ocean City area between December and March.

Below: An immature Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow (Z. l. gambelii) found west of Butlertown, Kent Co., Maryland (2/25/2007).

Below: An immature Eastern White-crowned Sparrow (Z. l. leucophrys) at the same location for comparison (2/25/2007). The plain lores on the Gambel's is probably the easiest field mark to observe.

Below: An American Pipit in Kent Co., Maryland (2/25/2007).

Below: A Horned Lark in Kent Co., Maryland (2/25/2007). Third photo shows roadside foraging action.

Below: Turkey Vultures feasting on a deer carcass in Caroline Co., Maryland (2/25/2007).

Below: The black axillaries ("armpits") on this unexpected plover confirmed its identity as a Black-bellied - Rte. 309, Queen Anne's Co., Maryland (2/25/2007).

Below: A Snow Bunting is caught appearing to have too much fun in snow-covered Talbot Co., Maryland (2/25/2007). This bird was found along Lewistown Road with several hundred Horned Larks and one Lapland Longspur.

Below: An immature Red-shouldered Hawk in Queen Anne's Co., Maryland (2/25/2007).

Below: A hungry Mallard flock roaming the snowy fields of Kent Co., Maryland (2/25/2007).

Below: Snow Geese in a snow storm, Kent Co., Maryland (2/25/2007).

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