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Last updated: 7/12/2008.

Above and below five: Least Bitterns hunting in a Maryland marsh (7/11/2008).

Below: A hen Wood Duck sneaks across a shallow pond (7/11/2008).

Below: A territorial Marsh Wren between songs at dusk (7/11/2008).

Below: A male Southern Spreadwing in Wicomico Co., Maryland (7/5/2008).

Below: A female Red-winged Blackbird at sunset (7/11/2008).

Below: A Slender Spreadwing in Harford Co., Maryland (7/11/2008).

Below: A Cabbage White in Harford Co., Maryland (7/11/2008).

Below two: A Song Sparrow perches cooperatively at sunset (7/11/2008).

Below: A Brown Pelican achieves lift-off near Assateague Island, Maryland (7/13/2008).

Below: Scenes from coastal Worcester Co., Maryland (7/13/2008).

Below three: A juvenile Grasshopper Sparrow in Wicomico Co., Maryland (7/13/2008). Note the streaked breast pattern.

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