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Western Maryland. Last updated: 6/1/2008.

Above and below two: An amazingly cooperative Henslow's Sparrow singing in western Allegany Co., Maryland (6/1/2008).

Below: A Black-billed Cuckoo feeding on tent caterpillars in western Allegany Co., Maryland (6/1/2008).

Below two: A stunning Golden-winged Warbler on territory in western Allegany Co., Maryland (6/1/2008).

Below six: An Alder Flycatcher on territory in eastern Garrett Co., Maryland (6/1/2008). I was lucky enough to finally get some decent close-ups of this species, so I've included many of them here to show details.

Below: A Brown Thrasher sings from an exposed perch in eastern Garrett Co., Maryland (6/1/2008).

Below: A nesting Swamp Sparrow at Finzel Swamp in Garrett Co., Maryland (6/1/2008). I exposed the following two images differently as the sun poked in and out of the clouds. It's interesting to note the details in plumage under the different lighting. These inland breeders are a different subspecies than those that nest on the coastal plain. These are the nominate subspecies M. g. georgiana versus the coastal plain subspecies M. g. nigrescens.

On the home front: the Checkered White shown below was the insect highlight this week in our yard in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (5/30/2008).

Our yard is such a sanctuary, in fact, that it has earned a reputation for its open-mindedness among local artists. This up-and-coming Mourning Dove appreciates a home where she can really express herself.

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